Who We Are

Malireddy Family Medicine was found by Dr. jyothirmayi Malireddy M.D. primarily to provide Primary health care services to the needy people in and around the Chester County, PA. We are located right off 113 (Uwchlan Ave) between Garris Road and Whitford Road .

We are accepting new patients and see patients of all ages, from children to geriat-ric. We provide comprehensive health care to our patients, emphasizing preventa-tive health, management of chronic health problems, and acute care for many problems

Our philosophy of medical practice is to establish a respectful, caring relationship with our patients, placing highest emphasis on their physical and emotional well-being. Our patients enjoy the warm, personal touch that a small family practice can provide, and with it, the continuity of care and personal communication with the doctor that only a solo practice can offer. we are committed to provide excellent care to our patients, and continually strive to improve the services we offer.

Medical Spa

Malireddy Family Medicine offers a wide array of anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, and laser hair removal services. We have the tools and equipment to provide permanent solutions to aesthetic problems. Click below to see the numerous services our Medical spa has to offer.